Dec 13 2014

The best window cleaning Perth has to offer


window-cleaning-perthMy husband is usually the one who cleans the windows at our place, but he’s working overseas for the next months and they’ve gotten quite grubby while he’s gone. I’m not suggesting I shouldn’t have to do it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m far too short to reach the highest parts of the windows and I can only seem to do half the job. I asked a few friends and they seemed to think Cleaner Lifestyles were worth checking out. I had a look on their website and they seemed like the real deal, so I gave them a call and booked in a time. They showed up the very next day a few minutes early and got to work straight away. Within an hour and a half the job was finished and our windows now look amazing. They’re so much cleaner than my husband could ever get them – just don’t tell him I said so! I said I’d tell all my friends about them, and I can safely say they provide the best window cleaning Perth wide, so give them a call!

Dec 12 2014

A fleet of chauffeured cars Melbourne wide



I’ve done a lot of driving in my time. I used to be a cab driver many years ago, and then I started my own business as a chauffeur driver – unfortunately, it didn’t work out so well as I found it hard to source my own clients. I did a bit of research and came across Southern Cross Chauffeur Drive. They run a large fleet of chauffeured cars Melbourne wide, and after going in to meet them I thought it would be a fantastic company to work for. They run a really tight ship, and their client base is huge so I never have to worry about lack of work or anything like that. Plus, their clientele seems to be a lot friendlier than the people I used to drive around in my cab – no more pulling over on the side of the road for a drunk person needing to vomit, that’s for sure! If you’re an experienced driver and this sounds like your kind of job, give them a call.

Dec 9 2014

Buy Beautiful Designer Rugs


Beautiful designer rugs can cost a lot but they are an essential decorators tool. They can dramatically alter the feeling of a space and when you consider the way they breathe new life into a room, it’s easy to see why so many people love rugs. I’ve been buying designer rugs for years but inly just recently discovered Hali. In my opinion there range is second to none and for the quality, the prices are surprisingly affordable.

I’ve put many of my friends on to Hali, but only the really close ones because I like to keep the best secrets as long as possible. Shop around when looking for designer rugs, just make sure one of those shops is Hali.

Dec 5 2014

Where I Go for Kitchen Renovations in Melbourne

I’m the blue collar guy in a pretty white collar group of mates. We’ve all been friendly since school but just pursued different paths. Naturally, I’m the one they go to when they need help and advice for everything even remotely practical and hands on.

I do a bit of my own renovating work but I rarely get to involved when it comes to kitchen renovations in Melbourne. There are lots of complications and regulations, expensive materials and appliances and plenty of specialist tasks. I’ve moved several times in the last ten or so years and I’ve found that the tricky rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, if you can improve those that’s where you really make a good return flipping homes. Universal Timbers are the only ones I really trust for kitchen renovations in Melbourne. They’re clever boys, really affordable and professional.


Dec 1 2014

Finding PR Companies Melbourne


When it comes to PR companies Melbourne you just have to look at return on investment. ROI is a real buzz term these days and one that has always been worthy of consideration. Where people trip themselves up is in narrowly defining returns and investments. Just like you need to consider more than just the money you spend with the investment; your opportunity cost for that money, the time involved etc.

The return to be gained gain from good PR companies Melbourne extends beyond new business to branding and brand awareness. These are forces to build upon and good PR work really helps you put your best brand forward and into people’s minds. The return can be a slow burner but it’s all about foundation. That’s what we’ve learned from our years with Keep Left, they’ve been outstanding.

Nov 30 2014

Great Vending Machines

I have a small gym and we focus on a complete approach to healthy living. I like to keep snacks and vitamin beverages on hand for my clients but it’s usually just one of us in there so it just got too complicated to sell things from the counter. We’ve ended up putting in a couple of vending machines we got from SVA Vending.

They had all sorts of cool options for us but in the end we kept it pretty simple. We’re able to stock and manage the machines ourselves, which was our preference, but they have services for that as well. All the clients love it and it’s a lot of fun for us to have that little extra project to think about, just something a bit different and a great little stream of revenue.


Nov 25 2014

Find Local Bookkeepers in St Kilda

It’s great the move to online cloud based services these days but for bookkeeping I really like having someone local that can pop in. I have looked at all that cloud based stuff and at this stage I still think it’s a novelty. There’s not yet an adequate substitute for having someone in to do the bookkeeping.


I use MP Bookkeeping because they are on top of all that remote stuff and can do plenty of things from off site but when I need bookkeepers in St. Kilda it is never a problem for them. It is nice knowing I have a local bookkeeper who is all over the cutting edge stuff but not at the expense of old-fashioned service.

Nov 24 2014

Gold Coast Storage, Long & Short Term

I had a month between my old and new places where I really didn’t want to bother with moving twice. I ended up taking everything to Woodhouse Removals and crashing at a friends place for the time. It was a great solution and ended up working really well.


As it happened I got offered a new job in Sydney on a twelve-month contract. A month of gold coast storage turned into twelve and Woodhouse Removals didn’t mind a bit. The prices just got cheaper and cheaper, not that it mattered, my new company were happy to foot the bill. When I decided to make the move to Sydney permanent, amazingly Woodhouse helped me with the interstate removal as well. They were amazing.

Nov 23 2014

Better Car Broker Brisbane Deserves


If there’s one thing I really hate it’s messing around negotiating prices for things. Whether it’s for a phone plan or a car or a new home. I know my limitations and am pretty time poor. There are plenty of good people out there prepared to do all the legwork for you and while some are scam artists, others really offer a wonderful service.

You want to look for the company that offers you fee transparency rather than some sort of complicated commission structure, and one with plenty of experience and industry connections. I found a great car broker Brisbane service that totally fit that mould called Ryan the Negotiator. I’ve used him twice now for my sons car and my wife’s car. I like buying new for the safety features and he really takes the pain out of that.

Nov 19 2014

Professional Indemnity Insurance a Must

Having insurance is not a simple game of pluses and minuses. For us it has never been abut making sure we get our money’s worth or anything like that. We pay a little bit of money each month so that when we have a problem, as we invariably do from time to time… we’re not hit with a single lump sum loss to our business.


One of the first things I advise people when they ask me about starting out, I say speak to BRIC. They have provided us with professional indemnity insurance for over ten years and they’ve never been anything but supportive when it really counted. The rates are good, the service is excellent and the insurance is comprehensive.