Feb 12 2015

PPC Expert



A PPC expert focuses on pay-per-click optimisation across multiple platforms, most importantly Google Adwords. When you look at the numbers it can often be a very expensive way to market and for many PPC marketing is not appropriate. A quality SEO professional or company will be able to identify where and how your money is best spent, not just so you reach customers but so you reach the right ones.

When you are experimenting with PPC you don’t want to be shelling out a couple of dollars for every random individual that comes along. The best advice we were given was speaking to Traffic Box about PPC. Now we know what we spend our money on and we see the clear benefits.

Feb 5 2015

Veda Check to Know where You Stand

I’ve been worried about my credit score for a long time and how it would impact my ability to borrow when we finally found the home we were after. We focused on finding the perfect house because it was much more fun than worrying about credit scores and all the rest.


Once we had found it I knew I just had to bite the bullet and find out what I had to work with. I’ve never been a big fan of debt and have tried to stay pretty liquid with my assets for lots of reasons. It did mean I didn’t quite have the credit history necessary to get a great rate on a loan. I spoke to Credit Fixed about a Veda check and they told me where I stood and how I could improve my credit rating. It was well worth the time and money.


Jan 31 2015

Cosmetic Surgery Loans A Life Saver

Many people just don’t understand how hard it can be to live with an unpleasant nose. Mine was broken for ages and slightly crooked from the beginning and I was always self-conscious about it. I think as I got older I became more and more obsessed to the point where it actually caused me anxiety going out in public. I was convinced people were always looking at my nose.


Surgery was never an option because I simply couldn’t afford it but then I didn’t know you could get cosmetic surgery loans. Finding out about Plastic Surgery Loans was a game changer for me. I started going to different plastic surgeons right away and now what I could only dream of has become a reality.

Jan 19 2015

Great Carrera Sunglasses

I’ve been looking everywhere for this great pair of Carrera sunglasses I saw when I was over in Europe. I should have bought them then and there but they were a bit expensive and I didn’t have the money. That’s always the way isn’t it?

Anyway I got home and had basically given up when a friend told me about Held Vision. She was pretty sure they had heaps of Carrera sunglasses on there so I went and checked it out.

Not only did they have them but they were even cheaper than buying from overseas. That never happens so I was really excited. They look just as good as I remembered so it was a great result all around.



Jan 18 2015

Great Rhinoplasty Melbourne

rhinoplasty_melbourneI play a lot of soccer and am often coming home with this or the injury. The worst by far was an elbow to the face that totally threw my nose out of alignment. I kind of hoped it would correct itself but that clearly wasn’t happening and after sometime my folks insisted I see a surgeon about it. I checked in at a few and came across Avenue Plastic Surgery. They do a lot of rhinoplasty Melbourne and have an excellent track record of success. I spoke with one of their consultants and a surgeon and we have the procedure booked that afternoon. Everything was really easy and surprisingly affordable. It’s really nice to have my own nose back.

Jan 15 2015

State of the art POS system, all thanks to OrderMate

pos-systemsI own a couple of restaurants in the city and we’ve just opened our third on the other side of town. I’m absolutely thrilled, but it also means it’s getting pretty tricky to be in three places at once. After speaking with a few contacts of mine, I found out I didn’t have to be if I simply upgraded our POS systems. Ours were quite old – they were perfect when we were a lot smaller, but as business has grown I realised we needed to update accordingly. I called OrderMate straight away as it seems like every bar and restaurant I visit these days is using their software. They were very helpful and walked me through what would be the best course of action. We’re now running OrderMate software at all three locations and things have never run smoother.


Jan 12 2015

Safe Laser Scar Removal

laser_scar_removal_melbourneI’ve been applying vitamin E oil to a scar on my lip for about 4 years in the hope that it will eventually fade to nothing. In the first year there was some noticeable improvements but it became a pretty pointless yet compulsive exercise. I really wasn’t a fan of the scar and eventually decided to look into laser scar removal. Avenue Advanced Skin Care were one of many clinics I looked at and easily the most impressive. They have a range of advanced techniques and really thoughtful, professional practitioners that I found helpful and supportive. I scheduled the surgery on just my second consultation and was pleased I didn’t have to go on a wait list for several months. It was a resounding success and it’s so nice to be my normal self again after the safe laser scar removal.

Jan 8 2015

A golfing holiday like no other

golfing-holidayThe last time I played golf, I was still single and childless. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife and kids and wouldn’t change a thing, but I do miss the days where I could get up early on a Sunday, grab my clubs and head to the golf course. With two young children under 4, it’s a bit difficult. However, my darling wife organised a golfing holiday as my Christmas present last year, and it was absolutely fantastic. I never even realised golfing holidays were a thing, but a company by the name of China Golf Experience organised complete tours so you don’t have to orgainse a thing. Best part? You get to play some of the finest courses in the world designed by pro golfers. It was unreal, and I owe my wife bigtime.

Jan 6 2015

Quality Occupational Vision Screening

We need all our staff in excellent medical condition because of the important work they do. They are busy people and we sometimes just organise for healthcare professionals to come to the office. It’s the best way to organise these things, and the most affordable. With the professionals we can organise through Healthcare 2 You it’s just such a breeze.


They are always friendly and courteous and work there way through the team quickly without disrupting the office too much. We had some occupational vision screening done recently and it hardly impacted on the day’s productivity at all. We would definitely recommend them and will certainly continue to use them again and again.

Dec 31 2014

Trailer Parts Fast

With so many different trailers on the market finding parts for a specific brand or model can be extremely expensive and time consuming. We use Topline Industries a lot because they source trailer parts and equipment really efficiently.

They know our fleet pretty well and over the years we’ve built up a lovely working relationship with Topline. We have come to rely on their efficiency and service and they’ve really gotten us out of a bind more than once. You can be held up for weeks waiting on parts but they are resourceful and creative and will find a way to get the problem solved quicker than anyone else. You actually can’t put a price on that in a business like ours.