Aug 28 2014

I choose herbal medicines for long-term health and wellbeing


I am a wife and mother of 3 kids under the age of 10. When I had my first child almost a decade ago, I was lucky enough to be referred to a family doctor who believed in the prescription of both conventional and herbal medicines. Conventional medicine certainly has a place in my family’s health and wellbeing but where possible, I have seen how herbal medicine can work just as effectively, while being safe and gentle for my little ones. I’ve tried many brands but I like PPC Herbs as they have specific and targeted herbal medicines for various ailments, including for children’s wellbeing. Being so young, my kids don’t yet feel confident swallowing pills. My oldest has loads of energy and loves playing, even in the cold outdoors, so he takes PPC Herbs’ Vita Blitz with a glass of apple juice which he loves! It keeps his immune and energy levels up and since he’s started taken it, he hasn’t got a cold or any signs of the sniffles. He just keeps playing indoors and out! Funnily enough, my husband has the same kind of energy and has trouble sleeping at night. He now takes Sleep Plex by PPC Herbs and when he gets to sleep, says the quality of his sleep is so much better. I highly recommend PPC Herbs for the whole family.

Jun 2 2014

Ziptrack Blinds Fit Right In

If anyone has ever had outdoor blinds they will have come across the problem of wind. Melbourne can be a bit of a killer with the weather and wind is certainly something to keep in mind. The convenience and simple elegance of blinds don’t need to be overlooked but you might consider ziptrak blinds which glide effortlessly along a track to keep them sturdily in place.


Blockout Blinds have ziptrak blinds for lots of different budgets but there’s nothing you would call cheap. They tend to focus on quality and while they represent excellent value, you’re not going to find the junky stuff at Blockout Binds. We liked the focus on service and their willingness to work around our schedules, overall ours was a really good experience.

Mar 26 2014

A Vertical Herb Garden for the Kids

The kids have been doing a lot of sustainability stuff at school lately and they even have their own garden and compost there. I thought it would be nice for us to encourage that sort of thing at home as well so we organised getting a vertical herb garden from 02 Plant Walls. Continue reading

Mar 24 2014

Perfect Yarra Valley Wine Tours

I don’t go on a lot of families because I just don’t have the time. It takes a lot to impress me so when a company does approach me with the opportunity to do one of their tours I warn them they’d better be prepared to impress. I’ve had a lot to do with Dreamscape Tours over the years and it was great to finally find the time to go on one of their Yarra Valley Wine Tours. Continue reading

Mar 19 2014

Burwood Real Estate Bargain

There’s nothing like owning your own home. I went through various stages in the process of deciding whether or not I would be a lifetime renter or a homeowner and I’m really pleased to say I’ve emerged from that. Many people I meet have the same struggles that I did, not being sure if owning the sort of home they would want to live in was really within their reach. Continue reading

Mar 19 2014

Get Cheap Movers in Melbourne

Why would you pay more than what you have to for work that is just not that specialised? When I moved the office furniture it wasn’t the family treasures. I needed some guys that were on time and reliable, that were happy to take good care of my things, work efficiently and get the job done without asking too many questions. Continue reading

Mar 19 2014

Pick of the Pampering: Spa Packages Melbourne

I’ve just been on a truly exhausting month long pampering bender trying to find the perfect place for my sister’s hens. Research is rarely this fun and while they weren’t all great experiences, there are some really amazing spa packages in Melbourne. Continue reading

Mar 17 2014

Legal Transcription Outsourcing, Thank God

In the last few months we’ve been going through a pretty lengthy and difficult auditing process and as part of that we’ve had a huge amount of tedious work to deal with. Legal transcription has accounted for quite a lot of this and some way through the job we realised we would really benefit from getting a little outside help. Continue reading

Mar 16 2014

Melbourne Wedding Cars Not All The Same

I have seen some real shockers in my time as a wedding photographer and a beautiful car can be such a nice prop for a shoot. An average looking car or one that isn’t in beautiful condition, sparkling in the sunshine, well that’s no use to me at all. People want the fairy-tale wedding and the photos that attest to that but really, a lot of factors need to come together for it to happen. Continue reading

Mar 11 2014

Best Buys: Christmas Hampers Australia

Getting stellar bargains on quality good is sometimes about timing. Buying winter gear in the peak of summer and vice versa… these are the tricks of a thrifty homemaker. Seasonality is a bargain hunter’s best friend. You can buy great quality Christmas hampers in Australia this time of year at an absolute steal. Continue reading