Apr 21 2015

When any old engagement ring just won’t do!

Of course I wanted to propose to my girlfriend eventually, I just wanted to make sure she really wanted it. It was following my best friend and wife-to-be’s engagement party that I knew the pressure was on. Sure, I’d got some hints following my girlfriend’s best friend’s recent engagement, and a few more following our 12th anniversary, but this time she was pretty serious. I felt a little guilty for making her wait, so I knew I couldn’t turn up with just any engagement ring.


For this reason I knew I would need to speak to the experts at Bensimon Diamonds to help me chose the perfect ring and, as expected, I left the store with something I knew would impress. I proposed last week and she, not so surprisingly, said yes, but I was happy to hear that the ring is exactly what she would’ve chosen herself!

Apr 15 2015

Rental bond loans take the hassle out of moving


It took a while to convince my boyfriend to move out with me. He’d been living at home his whole life so wasn’t immediately ready to leave his creature comforts, whereas I was quite ready to give up the share house lifestyle. Nearing my leases end, my boyfriend and I applied for an apartment and were happily approved, however I was quick to realise that getting my bond back wouldn’t be as easy. Of course I couldn’t expect my boyfriend to use all of his savings on a bond and I knew rental bond loans were perfect in this scenario. Rent Bond Move were great in finding me a solution and had no fees associated with paying out the bond early which I would be doing once my existing bond was released. My boyfriend and I are happily in our new place and we have Rent Bond Move to thank.

Apr 9 2015

Where to find an amazing river cruise Melbourne wide

Cruise boat sails on the Yarra River in Southbank


As an office manager, I am responsible for organising and managing the office. But what I am most well-known for amongst my colleagues is planning the most decadent Christmas parties. Each year I try to think of creative and fun ideas to congratulate the team on a job well done, and this past Christmas was one of my best. Dreamscape Tours helped me plan the most incredible river cruise Melbourne has to offer – people were begging to be our employee! Not only was the food and drink divine, and the event itself spectacular, but each employee also received free comedy tickets, facilitating another team bonding experience. To be honest – I’m glad Christmas parties are so far between as I don’t think I’ll be able to top last year if it’s still on people’s minds! With luck – Dreamscape will be able to help me again.

Apr 1 2015

What foods to avoid when pregnant?


Food glorious food! For some, pregnancy is synonymous with severe cravings and an odd combination of food; I know I certainly had my fair share of late night chocolate sundaes and chips. However, what about the foods to avoid when pregnant? I had to remember that being pregnant puts me at high risk, so I saw it as worthwhile looking into and then avoiding, foods – or drinks – that could be detrimental to my health. Jumping online there was a wealth of information, but the most concise and engaging read was at Bump Moves. They seemed to understand my frame of mind, and provided the information I needed in a straightforward way. I’m now confident that the food I’m eating is right for me – and my baby.

Mar 24 2015

Plus size wedding dresses you can feel beautiful in


I guess a pretty common stereotype is that women will rush to lose weight before their wedding day. This was simply not the case for me. I’ve always felt very confident and comfortable in my own skin and I wanted a wedding dress to reflect and celebrate my natural curves, rather than try to hide them. I knew this would mean finding a bridal store that specialised in plus size wedding dresses, rather than trying to fit into something clearly designed for a size smaller. The Designer Bridal Room was a real breath of fresh air – they seemed genuinely interested in finding a dress that was right for me to make me feel beautiful, just the way I was, on my special day.  My final fitting with them is next week, then the countdown is on til the big day!

Mar 18 2015

I have found the best heating Melbourne has to offer


Living in Melbourne certainly has its perks. Home to the best coffee, incredible shopping and a diverse cultural scene, it’s safe to say I couldn’t be happier living here. Like anywhere, Melbourne has its ups and down – most noticeably in its weather. Sunny in the morning and raining in the afternoon is a typical day for Melbournites, so it’s essential to have an effective heating and cooling system in place. For the best heating Melbourne has to offer, I would recommend looking to Hunt Heating. Not only are their heating and cooling systems exceptional quality, but the range of styles means it’s able to seamlessly fit into my home décor.

Mar 13 2015

Why floor heating is the only way to go

There are so many decisions that go into designing and building a home from the ground up. From the lights and flooring to the bathroom fixtures, I’ve got to say, I had so much fun choosing every little piece. There were definitely some choices that I made that impressed even me, particularly my decision to install floor heating. With so many different heating solutions out there is was definitely a big call to decide what type of heating would keep my home warm during winter, however the team at Speedheat made it that much easier.


Their customer service was second to none, and the installation was the absolute definition of efficiency, not to mention providing the highest quality of product. If I had to go back and do it all again, I would choose underfloor heating every day.

Mar 9 2015

Find a house and land package Melbourne wide that works for you!


I guess I’m a bit of a traditionalist. I had always thought that the first home I would buy would be with my future husband, but that didn’t end up being the case. I had stable and pretty lucrative employment, and I just couldn’t bear to keep flushing my hard earned money down the drain on rent. There was no boyfriend – let alone husband – in the picture, so it was finally time for me to bite the bullet myself and purchase my own home. Five Squared really helped to tailor the best house and land package Melbourne has to offer to me, and I was confident this was the right way to go about purchasing my new home. Though one day I’ll be happy to share this space, for now, I’ve got to say, I’ve never been happier!

Feb 28 2015

Breastfeeding Pillow Perfection

My breasts have been extremely tender since giving birth and I was finding it very difficult to get comfortable while breastfeeding. I found my arms would get tired holding my baby up for a long time but I couldn’t get comfortable leaning over little Elliot lying in my lap as he fed.


A breastfeeding pillow from Ultimate Sleep is something I would consider an essential item to new mothers because you can perfectly position your baby to be comfortable. It doesn’t have to be at your expense so you can both relax while they feed and not feel the strain on your back, arms or breasts. All Elliot seems to do is want to feed so it’s just as well we can now all do that comfortably.

Feb 20 2015

The most stylish shutters Melbourne has to offer, bar none


It’s fun renovating a home. Yes, it can get expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing, but the project is enjoyable and can be relatively cheap if you play your cards right. We’ve recently given our old home a bit of a makeover, and one of the most important things was the windows. The frames and shutters were rotten, so they had to go. I did a search online and ended up getting a quote from Blockout Blinds. They specialise in blinds, awnings and of course shutters Melbourne wide, and the quote they gave me was very competitive. They came out just a few days later to measure everything up, and we’re having the shutters installed next week. Easy. Blockout Blinds are a great local company, and I highly recommend checking them out.