Jul 5 2015

If you want to learn to drive properly then you need the best driving lessons Melbourne wide

I’ve always been very meticulous in everything I do, so it was no different when it came to learning to drive. Unlike my peers, I was determined to honestly complete my required log book hours and get as much practice in as many different scenarios as possible. For this, I knew that just driving with mum and dad wouldn’t be enough, and that getting some lessons as a reputable driving school would be necessary.



I asked an older cousin of mine who they had used in the past and they recommended Excel Drive. Their instructors were not only friendly and patient, but extremely knowledgeable, and would conduct premier driving lessons Melbourne wide. It’s definitely thanks to the help of Excel Drive that I was able to pass my driving test with flying colours.

Jun 10 2015

Secure your financial future with the help of a financial planner

After I’d finally landed a pretty good job after years of working for minimum wage, I thought it was about time I sorted out my finances. I wanted to be able to retire one day, to buy a house, to go on holidays, and to do this, I knew I would need to get serious about budgeting, saving and overall planning of my finances.



So, I sought out a financial planner to help guide me on my financial journey. Managing it myself seemed to be out of my depth, so why not enlist the services of an expert to ensure that you’re managing your money in the best possible way? Personally I used the services of MW Wealth Management who truly went above and beyond to assist.

Jun 5 2015

A podiatrist Clayton can trust

I’ve always had pretty bad hips, but never thought the core issue of my pain lay in my feet. I’d always just thought it was a product of the sheer amount of sport I played when I was younger, and the number of times I’d landed funny leaping to catch a ball on the court or on the field. However, after reaching my pain threshold and visiting a doctor to help alleviate the pain, they recommended me to visit the best podiatrist Clayton wide.

At that point I was willing to do anything to fix my discomfort, so I was quickly on my way to Podiatry Healthcare Group. As aforementioned, they confirmed my hip pain’s root cause was my feet and set to fixing me up. It’s definitely the best decision I’ve made visiting them.


May 31 2015

The roller blinds Melbourne offices need

After about six months of having sunlight glaring into my eye, I thought it was time to invest in some roller blinds Melbourne offices love. There had been no real reason to me putting it off, other than just being distracted by other more important daily tasks, however it had gotten to a point where my computer was difficult to use because of the glare and I was getting constant headaches.

More than that, at a more aesthetic level, I was getting a strange tan. So, I organise a quote and measure from the boys at Lovelight which was as competitive as they come. I’m now able to comfortably sit in my office day in, day out without the harmful rays of the sun impacting my work.


May 25 2015

This winter, step out of your shower and onto your undertile heating

Raise your hand if you’re of the opinion that getting out of the shower in the middle of winter is quite possibly the worst thing to happen in your day. You too? Well then, I have the perfect solution for you. Once upon a time I was in the exact same boat as you – standing in the shower that little bit longer to avoid the inevitable frosty reception and then sprinting in a towel across the tiles to the safety of your room.



It’s definitely not the most pleasant way to start your morning, which is why I’d recommend you do what I did and invest in undertile heating. A warmer set of tiles certainly facilitates a more leisurely morning and with simply great solutions from Quickheat, what are you waiting for?

May 20 2015

For a bond loan Brisbane renters approve of

When push came to shove, it was nice having Bond Loans Brisbane on our side to get us through an unexpected ordeal. I’ve been a renter for as long as I’ve been living out of home, so I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it. I have a great handle on my rights and the responsibilities of the landlord, I pay my rent on time every month, and I’m quick to inform the property manager of any defects that might arise so that no further damage occurs. However, being a great tenant does not guarantee a great landlord. My last property, which I’ve obviously since left, had the most neglectful landlord who put simply, refused to invest a dime into their property to make it liveable.

Home for rent

My housemate and I were fine with it that was until our lease was nearing its end, and we got an unexpected letter in the mail for a pretty significant rental increase. We couldn’t believe it, what could possibly justify us paying more for the defect ridden household? Unwilling to pay, and well aware that a compromise would not be reached, we decided that a new place was in order following the conclusion of this lease. Of course given the unexpected nature of the move, we were pretty financially unprepared, so a bond loan Brisbane renters loved was necessary. If you’re looking for an easy application and a fast approval time like we were, then you’ve got to go through Bond Loans Brisbane like we did, who helped us get out of the old and into the new, no hassle.

May 15 2015

Give natural remedies for anxiety a go

It was coming to the end of another semester at university and it felt like I had a million things to do. Between final essays and studying for exams, not to mention finishing up an internship while still keeping a part time job, it’s fair to say things started to get quite stressful. I felt my productivity was dropping dramatically, so I sought natural remedies for anxiety to help myself get back on track.


It was important to me that the products I used were natural, and I was thankful to discover PPC Herbs. Their Stress Plex was exactly the remedy I was looking for to sooth my anxiousness and get back to working efficiently. Exams and assignments are finally done and dusted, and I don’t think I could’ve gotten through without them.

May 10 2015

Your one stop for bond loans QLD wide

There’s no denying moving out of home can be tough – and expensive to say the least. What with purchasing the necessary furnishings and appliances, not to mention the actual move. I know personally I didn’t calculate all of the costs associated with moving and when I was approved as a tenant for a rental property, I was hardly prepared to meet the financial requirements.

Not wanting to miss out, I spoke to Bond Loans QLD to help me out. Not only could they assist with bond loans QLD wide, but they also helped to cover the cost of my removalists and utility setups. Without them I’d still be stuck at home and I couldn’t be more grateful.


May 5 2015

Berwick display homes that are as unique as you are!

Investing in property has always been a dream of mine. My parents were firm believers in investment properties and have since experienced success because of them. I was determined to follow in their footsteps, so was sure to research all of my options before putting my money towards anything. For me, finding a property that would attract potential families meant it was in a great location close to schools, shops, restaurants and other modern amenities, and I knew that Berwick display homes had just that. More than just this however, I was looking for an estate whose homes felt unique, and I found that in Bloom.


They were able to customise my home to look and feel truly one of a kind, and it wasn’t long after the build that I had renters moving in. I would definitely recommend Bloom for anyone looking to invest.

Apr 30 2015

You’ll love their website design Melbourne wide

On the back of our success from our physical retail stores, and after a lot of demand gathered from our social media pages, we knew it was time for us to open a web store. Our customers outside of Victoria were crying out for a way they too could buy from us, and with the help of Splashbox, we were able to do just that.


It was extremely important to us that the feel and look of the website closely correlated to the overall vibe we had tried to create in our retail spaces. Being a high end product, our stores definitely oozed luxury, style and exclusivity and we wanted the website to reflect this too. Thus, it became very clear to us, and important, that who we chose to design our website would be able to work within our parameters and make our vision a reality. More than this, as the website needed to be setup for e-commerce, it was essential that the developers specialised in this type of design.

It was clear after our first meeting with Splashbox that they were the obvious choice to help us create our website. Not only were they experts in e-commerce, but we seemed to be in sync in what we believed the finished product should look like. I would go so far as to say they do the best website design Melbourne wide. Now that our website is up and running, we couldn’t be happier with what was delivered, and would not hesitate in recommending them for your web store.